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Gabbeh is a type of coarsely-knit rug with a fleshy pile (measuring up to 2 cm) and with many more wefts (sometimes up to 14) in between the rows of knots. In certain other areas of Iran, a type of coarse rug is woven which is called khersak. Gabbehs and khersaks, however, are not one and the same thing. The gabbeh is woven usually not to be sold but to be used in the tribal household, and so the softest and finest-quality wools are chosen for it; sometimes it is used as a mattress, and the softest ones may even be used as a blanket. When weaving a gabbeh, the weaver feels quite free to improvise and experiment in both colour and design, and so here we encounter very bold compositions which seem to have an affinity with the works of modern Western artists. Most of the nomadic gabbehs are the handiwork of Oashqa'i, Boir Ahmadi and Bakhtiari weavers. Among the Oashqa'is, the weavers of the Ardkapan subtribe of the Amaleh produce the finest gabbehs.
Experts who have studied the nomadic rugs of Fars, especially the older specimens available, some of which are up to 150 years old, are of the opinion that here we have artefacts whose designs are purer and less tampered with than the urban carpets produced in the same period. Foreign trading companies which had established pur-chasing agencies in all the major carpet-weaving centres of Iran are now blamed for having dictated to the weavers designs or design alterations which made the carpets they purchased for export more attractive for European and American buyers. Whereas the tribal rugs had not been discovered yet, and so no one bothered to tamper with them. Many old motifs, some of them Sassaman or Buyid, are found in the tribal rugs of Fars, In addition there are some motifs which have been exclusively used by the weavers of a certain subtribe. It is with the help of these motifs that now we identify some of these older rugs.
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